Premium Quality Hulling and Shelling


One of the world’s oldest business models, cooperatives were intended to give small, family farm operations access to markets, research and consumers in ways they wouldn’t be able to do alone.

But nowadays, many “cooperatives” have deviated from this ideal, operating more like conventional businesses driven by green rather than partnership.

Minturn Huller, we are proud to say, is a true cooperative. Our primary purpose is enabling our member-growers to participate competitively in the market – a priority that has remained unchanged since our founding in 1966.

Our devotion to the cooperative concept is also responsible for the thoughtful pace of our growth – another key difference you’ll appreciate in Minturn Huller. While the size, scope and membership of our operation have all expanded significantly through the years, our growth has always been driven by the needs of our growers and the demands of the marketplace. Never by opportunism.

Owned, developed and operated by our member-growers, Minturn Huller Cooperative places a high value on personal integrity and legacy – values that are evident in our Board of Directors, which includes members representing the 2nd and 3rd generations of our founding families.

The more you get to know Minturn Huller, the more you’ll appreciate what makes us different.