Premium Quality Hulling and Shelling



As our name implies, Minturn Huller began by providing our members with quality hulling services – a tradition that continued through the construction of our three facilities, and today remains a cornerstone of our cooperative.


In 1987, Minturn Hulling became one of the first hullers in California to expand into shelling, utilizing a new technique that made processor returns more profitable for our growers. Production and efficiency increased in 1994, 1998 and again in 2014 as our new facilities came online – all of which continue to make our shelling services a rewarding choice.


The demand for inshell almonds rose sharply near the end of the 20th century and has remained high ever since. Minturn Huller has consistently helped meet that demand, while establishing our cooperative at the forefront of innovation, quality and production.

Having grown steadily to keep pace with grower needs and market demands, Minturn Huller is the largest huller and sheller in Merced County, with annual production of more than 100 million meat pounds, 20 million inshell pounds and 95,000 tons of almond hulls.